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  1. Outside Sales in a Tough Market - Increase Sales at a Fraction of the Cost. - Elijah

    For those companies whose bottom line depends heavily on product and service sales to a struggling sector, part of the weathering a tough market means finding new ways to preserve the revenue stream generated by outside sales, while managing the sometimes hefty costs associated with it.
    Part of what has always made field sales worth the expense is how well it lends itself to consultative selling. Account managers are able to build relationships with potential customers, understand their ...
  2. When to Set Trade Show Objectives and Who Should be Doing it - Elijah Logan Longview

    Elijah Logan Longview Texas

    It_s well established how to best set trade show objectives and why it_s important, but who should be doing it? And when? That depends on how compartmentalized the sales and marketing departments are within your organization.

    If marketing and sales are clearly defined departments, align them by fostering communication between the two before and after each trade show.

    Hugh MacFarlane of MathMarketing conducted a study that revealed ...