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If there is an article about technology that you should read today, then this should be it. With novel developments cropping up all over the place, it can be overwhelming to put it mildly. Scarcely a day goes by without at a minimum ten examples of disruptive technology appearing and altering the world for good. Every single day. It is unexpected that humans have not become obsolete at this rate. But nevertheless, it cannot be exaggerated that the things occurring are genuinely striking and engaging to see. We will consider a couple of the most recent news and try to visualize what the future may be like with these unceasing improvements. A few of them may well not even strike you as extremely compelling, but just seek to think about what sorts of effects they could have for the future. Hope you enjoy the read!

Not all technology is digital or even related to computers. Though IT security news have been stealing headlines, there are other security updates that are worth talking about. The central bank of which Mark Carney is head has started issuing a piece of legal tender that is practically "unfakeable". How is that for new up and coming technology?

Who would have hypothesised that the newest in tech news would come from a burger firm? A cool marketing trick was achieved where a TV ad activated a voice recognition gizmo and got it to read out an online encyclopaedia article about a burger. As computer technology develops, we will see more creative ways of interacting with voice recognition and engaging it for marketing, as Fernando Machado did for his burger.

Top technology blogs were quick to post on this little development. The watches we wear on our wrists have become powerful enough to execute games meant for consoles of earlier times. As far as current events on technology go, this is quite quaint. Gabriel O_Flaherty-Chan made an emulator that is with the capacity of functioning on the dinky screen of a smart watch. Naturally, this is more of a proof of concept, so do not plan a trip down nostalgia avenue as you play games on your watch. But it demonstrates how impressive technology has become.

As we ponder the future, a step backward is often useful. If the new technology 2016 delivered us already feels old, then what can be said of innovations from ten years ago? But a look back can be helpful in assisting to remind oneself that not absolutely all current technology is unprecedented and incredible. Take process automation. We regard automating this and that as an unexpected risk to jobs that appeared out of nowhere, but it has in fact been a natural gradual process. Laogumnerd Phengphian_s enterprise, as an example, provided process automation software for resource management to a notable Thai business.
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