Guide Set up a Topcon Total Station

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A Topcon total Station is a chunk of precision measuring system used for the of completion of topographic, prison or amount surveys. Topcon is one of the main xrf instrument manufacturers of general stations. over time, general stations have improved in phrases of control software; but, the fundamentals of their setup have now not changed. earlier than you prepare the entire station, you will want to understand the exact place of your setup point. putting in the Topcon station specially includes positioning the device at once over this point.

things you will want:
- Topcon general Station
- fashionable surverying tripod

region the whole station on pinnacle of the tripod and comfortable it through turning the locking screw clockwise. pass the tripod/overall station assembly to the desired setup place.

position one leg of the tripod on the floor about 2 to a few ft from the setup point. searching through the optical plumb lens, align the crosshairs directly over the center of the setup factor through moving the 2 loose legs of the tripod.

Step on the foot brackets near the bottom of every tripod leg to stabilize the legs. using xrf instrument manufacturers the circular leveling bubble close to the lowest of the whole station, alter the peak of the legs of the tripod until the leveling bubble is precisely inside the middle.

check the optical plumb. If the crosshairs have moved from the setup point during the leg adjustment, convey them lower back over the point the usage of the 3 leveling screws near the xrf instrument manufacturers bottom of the total station. Readjust the peak of the legs of the tripod till the leveling bubble is exactly within the center and the optical plummet crosshairs are without delay over the setup point. you can need to copy this entire step till the leveling bubble and the optical plumb are focused.

Centre the satisfactory-degree positioned above the show. regulate the leveling screws till the bubble is exactly at the center of the exceptional-degree. turn the full station 90 ranges and middle the fine-level on the other axis. flip the total station backward and forward to opposite axes until it's miles precisely stage.

test the optical plumb to peer if your pleasant-leveling modifications have moved the crosshairs barely off the setup point. To bring the whole station again, loosen the screw that secures the overall station to the tripod. Slide the whole station at the tripod while looking through the optical plumb until the crosshairs are immediately over the setup factor.

check the exceptional degree once more to make certain that the previous step's motion did now not take the full station off-stage. If important, repeat steps 4 and 5 until the satisfactory-level is targeted and the vertical optical plummet is without delay over the setup factor.