The old basketball arena is on the main artery road on NBA Live Mobile Coins campus (the Dean Dome is separated but isnít too far away), and the Madden NFL stadium is in the middle of things. Downtown is nearby, and itís got drinking (cheap and fancy) and eating (ditto) options. From the dorms, you can access virtually all of this by foot.This is a semi-idyllic, normal college town, and for a couple of years now, it has had a normal Madden NFL team for once.

Over Fedoraís five seasons, he has averaged a recruiting class ranking of Buy NBA Live Coins 29.8 (per the 247Sports Composite), produced three S&P+ top-30 performances, and averaged eight wins per year. You could note that the other two teams were pretty far outside of the top 30, or that he should be doing a hair better in recruiting, but recruiting and performance are finally in line with each other. For most of the 2000s, that hadnít been the case.

The Tar Heels were the poster boys for what could be. In John Buntingís first season, they beat No. 6 Florida State and No. 13 Clemson by a combined 79-12. They also lost to Wake Forest and Maryland and finished 8-5. They beat No. 4 Miami in 2004 but finished 6-6. They beat ranked Virginia and BC teams in 2005 but finished 5-6.When Butch Davis took over, he demonstrated the programís ceiling by signing a top-10 class in 2007 and top-20 classes in 2009 and 2011.

He went 8-5 for mmogo three straight years, and he was dismissed in the summer of 2011 as part of UNCís ongoing effort to fight academic misconduct and improper benefits allegations.Big recruits, big wins, and no top-15 finishes from 1998 to 2014. That was UNCís reality. And now itís something far more ... reality-based.Fedoraís classes are almost identical from year to year, and from an S&P+ standpoint (presented in the format of adjusted points per game) his three good teams (2013, 2015, and 2016) have been within 0.4 points of each other: plus-11.1, plus-10.7, and plus-11.1.