This is almost too normal. How does Fedora raise the NBA 2K18 MT bar now? Iím not sure, but I know he probably wonít do so in 2017. Like 2014, when UNC slipped to 6-7 and 71st in S&P+ before surging, Fedoraís Heels have a lot to replace, particularly on offense: a top-10 draft choice at QB, two running backs who combined for 1,500 yards, five of the top six receiving targets, and two all-conference offensive linemen.

A scary-in-a-good-way special teams unit is also rebuilding. The defense is experienced but lost its coordinator.UNC is projected to fall from 21st to 38th in S&P+. The Heelsí schedule is kind, for an ACC slate ó no Clemson or Florida State, and Louisville, Miami, and Notre Dame at NBA Live Mobile Coins Buy home ó and eight of 12 games are projected to finish within one possession, which means a few exciting new pieces could make the difference between a four- or nine-win season. The former might lead us to wonder about Fedoraís staying power; the latter might make UNC the 2018 ACC Coastal favorite.

2016 in review2016 UNC statistical profile.I got yelled at by UNC fans during the Heelsí 11-win 2015. UNC ranked a mere 28th in S&P+. It was easy to explain why ó they lost to both of the S&P+ top-25 teams they faced (Clemson and Baylor), barely got by teams ranked 40th and 68th, and lost to a South Carolina that ended up in the 80s.When youíre winning, it feels like you should rank high no matter what, but things normalized in 2016.

The Heels exceeded expectations from buynba2k an S&P+ standpoint (they were projected 27th and finished 21st) but finished with a win total (eight) right where it was projected to be. The schedule went from featuring two top-30 teams to six; thatíll cost you a few wins.Thatís not to say the season went according to plan. (UNC hasnít totally kicked the UNC habit, I guess.)