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Thread: Vanu Sovereignty 4 lyfe

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    Vanu Sovereignty 4 lyfe

    Terrans can get out.

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    Does this mean the Vanu Sovereignty are Griefplays faction of choice?


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    I've always been partial to New Conglomerate myself, but VS always struck me as kind of the "Elite Forces" of the PS world. MAX suits with jump jets ftw.

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    I used to play as the red guys.

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    As i think i said elsewhere sometime, I've never actually played Planetside but i like the idea of jump jets.

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    I've always been partial to New Conglomerate myself
    All of the witch costumes pieces pictured are included.

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    Thanks for your kind advise!
    The sexy plus size lingerie should be easy and stylish instead of being big and swollen.

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