So far, regarding the publication of the Free2Play online role-playing game RuneScape 3 only known that this should take place in the third quarter of this year. However, a specific release date was not available. That brought the developer Jagex now on in an official press release.As the message is apparent, is the official launch of RuneScape 3 Take place in 22 July 2013. However, it is in RuneScape 3 is not a complete redevelopment of the online role playing RuneScape Gold game but rather to improve the existing version. Among other things, the engine, and Web HTML 5-GL used.The graphics is improved, there is an interface customized to individual requirements and a new camera. In addition, there will be major changes in the game world. Additionally, players will not need a new account and use their three previous avatar in RuneScape.In our online gallery, you can now find new screenshots of RuneScape 3, show you some of the scenes in the new graphics robe.If you enjoy runescape 3, you can read more in RuneScape upcoming nerf pures can change the PKing and PVP. RuneScape want to make a major changes in PvP and PKing. While packing RuneScape players do not be evil pursuits and relaxation while trying to obtain the dragon defender Herblore Habitat between farming and hunting, the hitsplats update is RS 2007 Gold just around the corner and will redefine the PVP, as we know it.Currently, RuneScape players have five factors weigh into combat level, they are constitutional, prayer, summoning, defense and offense. Offense is the strongest offensive skills, magic, ranged, and the sum of the average power.If all five aspects of RuneScape Gold players evenly into a fight, who will develop their skills RuneScape players have the advantage. However, the attack has become a positive and RuneScape players training strictly tied their offensive and defensive fairly decent at least wear a helmet while maintaining the Constitution, held the upper hand PKing in PvP.Hitsplat update will introduce, among other factors, a more serious factor in defense capabilities. Armor will be a function, so that processing high hit, armor will soak up some of the damage. What this means, essentially defensive now have the ability to limit damage to the crimes, thus providing an effective counterattack. To what extent will affect the upcoming update pures PKing will soak damage increased from low, medium and high armor. Rune Long armored below if there is little or no crime PKing pures soaked's may become thing of the past in PvP.RuneScape release death cap to give players to brag